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A while ago we had a visit from a yogi who was interested in our Vinyasa Teacher Training in Amsterdam. She talked to Viki about what she was looking for and how she got to Tula. After chatting pleasantly (and informatively) for a while, Viki asked if she had ever taken lessons with one of the teachers. And, this turned out not to be the case!

She had only taken one class in Tula before, but she loved the looks and atmosphere of the studio, and the content of the Teacher Training website. Viki responded that she would recommend taking one or a few classes with the teachers first, to see if this training was the right choice.

The lady was taken aback for a second. She didn’t expect Viki to say such a thing. But this is exactly how we look at a yoga teacher training. The click with the teachers is extremely important if you want to get the most out of a yoga teacher training.
We are convinced that we deliver some of the best yoga trainings in The Netherlands, because we are super proud of our teachers, but we also want to be 100% sure that the participants feel the same way. If there isn’t a good click between teacher and student, then someone can never get the most out of the training and that would be a shame.


This event gave me the idea to share our ideas on how best to choose a yoga teacher training. 

Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Amsterdam

1. Why are you taking a yoga teacher training?

First of all, do you really want to become a teacher or are you looking for in-depth training?

Only half of everyone who starts a yoga training does so because he / she actually wants to become a teacher. The other participants start to deepen and elevate their own practice. Even though it may seem too much to learn for becoming a yoga teacher while you are doing the training for your own deepening, nothing could be further from the truth. Because you learn to guide and instruct other people, you learn a lot about the postures and how each body responds to the practice. This will give you a much better understanding of the practice.

Remember that practice teaching will help you immensely in other areas as well. Just think of guiding and speaking in front of groups, you need self-confidence for that.

Do you really want to become a yoga teacher? Then also read our blog (in Dutch): ’12 tips als je van yoga je werk wilt maken’

2. Which yoga style will you choose?

Do you choose a Vinyasa Yoga teacher training, a Yin Yoga training, or maybe a Yoga Nidra teacher training?
In any case, choose a yoga style that suits you best. Especially if it is your first training. You will have to practice the style a lot during the training, so make sure you enjoy it.

Furthermore, always check the studio’s website if they tell you anything about the content of the training. In some yoga courses you get extra ‘modules’ that can make it extra interesting. For example, Tula does modules about communication & business in most training courses. You learn how to market yourself, how to start as a teacher and how you come across to others. Moreover, our Yin Yoga courses contain modules on Chinese medicine, the Five Element theory and meridian theory. All super interesting!
Other yoga studios offer other extras and some don’t. So definitely something to look at.

3. Find the yoga teacher that creates a spark

As I wrote in the introduction, the click with the teachers is extremely important. If that click is not there, you will never get the most out of your training and then your participation is a substantial investment with moderate results. You want to look for a yoga teacher that sparks your energy, curiosity and enthusiasm.

Therefore, always visit ‘introductory meetings’ if they are offered and take classes with the teachers. The way of teaching should resonate with you and you should enjoy listening to the teachers. Otherwise it will be long training days.

Also make sure that the teacher has enough experience and a steady own yoga practice. Someone who has just started teaching, or who no longer follows classes or training courses, usually does not have much to offer. Nowadays there are so many yoga courses offered that there are plenty of great inspiring teachers to choose from. Unfortunately, there are also many courses that are led by teachers who only just became teachers themselves. Avoid these trainings!

As a kind of benchmark, you can also check whether the training is a recognized yoga training at, for example, Yoga Alliance or Vereniging Yogadocenten Nederland.

4. Choose your location

Of course we think Tula is the best place for a yoga teacher training, but there will probably be people who prefer another place. It is important that you choose the right location for you. You are going to spend a lot of time in the yoga studio and it is nice that you feel safe and at ease.

You can quickly see in the communication whether the studio is organized. Is the communication neat and fast? Do they think carefully about the planning and is the training or studio registered with, for example, Yoga Alliance (if you think that is important)? As soon as the studio advertises that you can obtain an official certificate, it often means that they are serious and have thought carefully about the content of the training. Because, creating a registered yoga training requires a lot of time and attention.

Another option is togo abroad. A full month to Bali, Thailand or India is also possible of course, and might be an amazing experience. Tip from your own experience »  plan extra days/weeks of vacation to see more of the country where you do the training. This is usually not possible during training.

5. The duration of the training

In Tula we usually offer yoga teacher training of 200 hours. These training sessions are spread over six months in which you have a training weekend every other week. Other studios opt for a different set-up, which can mean that you finish faster, or that it lasts longer. In short, there is quite a bit of choice regarding the duration of the yoga training.

If you think a 200-hour yoga training is too long, you can also start with shorter training sessions and then decide to follow a long yoga teacher training. A registered yoga teacher training is always at least 200 hours, but can be supplemented with shorter certified training.

6. Find reviews

What you can expect from a yoga training is often best learned by reading reviews. Studios put the best reviews on their own websites, of course, but there are more places to find reviews. For example, look at the website of Yoga Alliance if the training is registered, or find Google reviews.

Another option that probably gives the best picture is talking to former participants. Ask them how they experienced the training and how the training is structured. They can tell you what to expect like no other.


Choose the best yoga training that suits you…

The very best yoga training is different for everyone. Therefore, keep the above points in mind and choose wisely. Pay attention to the quality and experience of the teachers and then follow your gut feeling. I would recommend not to choose too quickly, but to look around carefully. There are so many great yoga courses to choose from.

If you have already followed a yoga training, I am very curious why you specifically chose that training. So I’d love to read your response in the comments section below. Thank you!



ps. the lady that we talked about in the intro ended up joining our teacher training and started teaching pretty soon after the training ♡

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