Yoga Pre-Teacher Training

Moena and Beatrice - lead trainers Tula Amsterdam

50hrs. Pre-Teacher Training,
by Beatrice Savaris & Moena de Jong

START July 2024

” The pre-teacher training was a great experience! It brought me a lot. Moena and Beatrice have been a huge inspiration to me and I loved the location. Next step: the 200hrs. teacher training! ”

The foundations of yoga

This 50hrs program is for everybody who wants to take the next step in their yoga career. This is the perfect training to set the foundations before doing the 200 hours yoga teacher training. The training is spread over 4 weekends were we will explore the foundations of yoga. Different aspects of yoga practice will be covered. You can think of philosophy, mantra, meditation, asana alignment and pranayama. This will give you the tools to integrate the gained knowledge in your personal practice on and off the yoga mat.

This program is right for you!

In the regular yoga classes we do not always have enough time to dive deeper into a particular subjects. Most classes are just 75 minutes and this time frame is too short to elaborate on subjects as meditation, pranayama or meditation. We need more time to guide you though these practices and most important of all, we need more time to explain and truly explore.

If you are a regular yogi or if you are thinking of doing a yoga teacher trainingthen this program is for you!
The yoga style of our focus is that of Vinyasa, however, the tools gained will be transferable to many styles of yoga.

We will not only explore the asana practice, but we will also have a closer look into the alignment of each asana, so you can take the next step in your practice. Furthermore we will take a deep dive into the yoga philosophy, we will chant mantra’s together and will take our time to learn about pranayama and meditation practices. 

Sneak peaks

Yoga Development Training group
Yoga Development Training Tula

What others say about this training


Marita – “The pre-teacher training was a great experience! It brought me a lot. Moena and Beatrice have been a huge inspiration to me and I loved the location. Next step: the 200hrs. teacher training!”

Olga – “As a regular yogi I wanted to really dive deeper into the practice of yoga. This training showed me that there is more than just the asana practice on the yogamat. Thank you Moena and Beatrice for your guidance; it has been a wonderful experience!”

Ardjan – “I decided to do the Yoga Pre-Teacher Training before doing a Yoga Teacher Training. Honestly, this was really the best decision as it gave me the foundation I needed before starting a 200hrs intensive training. A big thanks to Moena and Beatrice; they are truly inspiring!”

Maartje (2021) “De yogalessen bij Tula heb ik altijd superfijn gevonden, maar al dat oefenen bracht ook vragen bij me om. Ik besloot de Yoga Development Training mee te doen om meer te leren over de yoga filosofie en verschillende technieken, zoals pranayama. Ik kom namelijk uit een burn-out, dus de ademhaling is iets wat me in de praktijk positief kan helpen. Deze training heeft met zoveel gebracht; ik voel me nu sterker, zowel fysiek als mentaal.”

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During this program we will explore all the different aspects of yoga and we will dive deep into specific subjects. We will cover things which we cannot cover in a regular yoga class due to the lack of time.

This is your chance to learn everything you need to know about yoga. Subjects which we will cover are:

     The practice of Vinyasa Yoga
     The families of asanas through the study of the main asanas and alignments
     Asanas modifications and how to adapt them according to your body and your needs
     Different breathing techniques (pranayama)
     How to be present through meditation to stay in the here and now
     The philosophy of yoga through the study of the 8 limbi as from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra
     The knowledge of yourself through journaling and reflection exercises

This is a great program to deepen your own yoga practice and a great program to do as a preparation for a Yoga Teacher Training.

Why you should join the 50hrs Yoga Pre-Teacher Training

   You will learn from the highly experienced lead trainers Moena de Jong & Beatrice Savaris who are already delivering incredible trainings for many years.

    We keep the group small so you receive ultimate personal attention and we can create an optimal learning environment.

   This program goes much deeper than regular yoga classes and we will cover all aspects of the yoga practice, like asana alignement, philosophy, mantra, meditation, asana alignment and pranayama.

    This program is a great preparation if you want to do a Yoga Teacher Training.

Our promise to you

This program will help you to understand the connection between the physical part of yoga, the energetic aspects and the philosophical teachings so that you’ll be able to integrate them into your own personal practice.

In these 50 hours you’ll have the chance to understand the essence of the yoga practice in order to bring with you its benefits not only in your next journey on the yoga mat, but also to integrate the yoga practice into your everyday life.

Limited spots available

As you can read above we keep the number of participants low to ensure a high quality training.

Every year between 12-21 yogis are admitted to join this course, and we do so after receiving the registration forms.
Please click to button below to register and begin your personal yoga journey at Tula.

Training start July

4 weekends | 50hrs.
July : 27, 28
August : 3, 4 | 10, 11 | 17 & 18

10.00 – 17.00hrs including 1 hour lunchbreak (lunch is NOT included)
Tula Bos en Lommer, Bos en Lommerplein 175 Amsterdam

Investment (in yourself)

Investment: €800


Your Trainers

MOENA DE JONGMoena de Jong yogadocent bij TULA

Practicing and teaching yoga is an art, connecting to the heart.

Moena teaches her classes the same way she loves to receive lessons: welcoming at all times, open to positive, transformative experiences. Aside from your unique individual experience of feeling more open and gaining a broader perspective of your possibilities, you feel the magic of a group synergy as the energy in class is uplifting.

As much as Moena has a razor blade sharp eye for Alignment she loves the fluidity of music that flows organically with the movements. As she has a passion for the Sanskrit language, she also has a lifetime love relationship with Mantra’s. She will surely share this with you with the use of her harmonium.

​Her quality is to make all unique and different individuals feel welcome and connected. Dare to be different and radiate in your weirdness is her biggest source of inspiration.

“Moena really knows how to properly teach and to keep us engaged and concentrated throughout the whole day. She is also incredibly funny and witty. I absolutely loved her energy and teachings. She is very inspiring.
Laura Elenbaas

BEATRICE SAVARISVinyasa lead trainer Beatrice Savaris

Beatrice discovered yoga in a period of massive change where finally she found herself grounding back into the yoga mat. Moved by her curiosity, she undertook her first yoga teacher training simply to deepen her knowledge both spiritually and physically. After completing the course, she immediately started teaching to absolve the desire to share with others the benefits that yoga brought into her life, hoping that others could experience the same in their life too.

She continued to deepen her studies of life and yoga attending Level1 and 2 trainings with Baron Baptiste and over the last years, she expanded her knowledge attending workshops and trainings with many teachers such as Kathryn Budig, Tiffany Cruikshank, Annie Carpenter, Rocky Heron, Noah Mazè just to name a few. Beatrice also supplemented her studies with a Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga teacher training with Uma Dinsmore and a Yin Yoga and meridians teacher training with Annie Au. But the journey as a student never ends!

In the last years she taught in Italy, Switzerland and Netherlands in lots of yoga studios, companies, public events and to athletes, making yoga accessible to everyone. Besides giving regular classes she is the lead teacher in multiple Teacher Training Programs in The Netherlands and Switzerland.

Beatrice’s mantra is “let it be” – this means living a life without attachment to fully exist in the present moment. Allowing people, situations, yourself just being as they are and, instead of using energy to try to change them, to focus into our actions to plant seeds for happiness in all its meanings.

Beatrice felt like my mother figure in this training. Strict, yet also very warm. She really gave me a lot of confidence and helped me be authentic.
Marianka Zlatkovic

Course Curriculum


Can I use STAP-subsidie for this training?
Unfortunately it is not possible anymore to apply for STAP for this training as the application date has past. You can still join this training via a regular payment.

After this training, can I start teaching yoga myself?
This training is not a Yoga Teacher Training, so the answer is unfortunately no. In order to teach yoga classes you should have completed a registered 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training. This training is a great preparation for a 200hrs training!

Were will the training be?
All the sessions will take place at Tula Bos en Lommer (Bos en Lommerplein 175, Amsterdam).

Will I get a certificate?
Yes you will receive a 50hrs. Tula yoga certificate after having completed this training.

How many training days may be missed?
Of course we prefer you don’t miss a day, but if it happens you may miss one training day and still receive your certificate.

How much study time can I expect?
Besides the training days you may expect about 1 hour of studying per week.

Is lunch included?
Lunch is not included and will not be provided. Please make sure to bring your own lunch or visit one of the many lunch spots around the corner.

For whom is this training?
The course is designed for all students of any level who feel the desire to take an in-depth path that can make them more aware of the profound aspects of the practice. If you are considering joining a Yoga Teacher Training to become a teacher, this course will provide you with the essential and fundamental knowledge that will allow you to start that path with greater confidence and awareness.

What happens when there is a lockdown?
In case of a lockdown the program will continue via an online livestream on the same days as planned.

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Yoga Development Training Tula
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David and Jelena - Tula Yoga Amsterdam 30
Viki Stelma-Boviatsis Ashtanga Yoga
Beatrice Savaris
Weekends of Wisdom

Op de Tula Trainingen zijn onze Algemene Voorwaarden voor Trainingen van toepassing.
Lees de Algemene voorwaarden hier.

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