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Julie (2019)
“The Nidra training was awesome. Christina is a gem and total master.
I am totally excited to do more and give some nidras.”

€100 off for early birds 

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The 60 hours Yoga Nidra training is divided into 2 modules, the IMMERSION and the TEACHER TRAINING COURSE.
The Immersion can also be joined separately.

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Yoga Nidra is a state of consciousness between waking and sleep. The Nidra practice can be used to simply help remove tensions and relax a busy mind, or it can be used to delve deeper and observe our greatest resistances, needs and purposes; a practice where we can access our subconscious or unconscious mind with open awareness and plant seeds that can have a positive bearing on our everyday personal lives.

Due to this privileged access to the deep consciousness however, the Nidra practice should always be properly guided in a safe environment with the support of a knowledgeable practitioner. With this teacher training we commit to providing you with a complete overview of all the risks and safety guidelines so that you can create a suitable environment for your students to explore their deeper selves through the practice of Yoga Nidra.

The Nidra practice can alter actions, behaviors, personalities and perceptions. It can heal emotional traumas and reduce psychological limitations. And as students are led to a deeper connection with their consciousness and gain access to their most sensitive areas of being, it is crucial for teachers to have received the necessary training to manage this delicate stage of contact. Teaching Yoga Nidra requires study, knowledge, structure and commitment.

Interview with Cristina Guerra about Yoga Nidra and her teaching.

Course Curriculum


Cristina mindfully created this 60 hours Training in such a way that you will be immersed in Yoga Nidra.

Besides the training days you will need to make time to practice and study (homework)

Daily Schedule

Daily from 10:00 – 17:30

Lunchbreak 13:00-14:00
(lunch is not included)

Dates for 2022 will be confirmed soon

2-two-days Yoga Nidra Immersion

I had a great weekend. Learned and ‘experienced’ a lot. It was really nice! I notice that it’s still working through after a few days. Really special..” Annemieke (2021)

Taught over a single weekend, this module is an intensive workshop that has been designed for anyone who wants to better understand the theoretical underpinnings and practice of Yoga Nidra. We invite Nidra lovers, teachers, psychologists, doctors, healers and anyone else with a curiosity for Nidra to attend. However, please note, while this section acts as an introduction to the teacher training, and is open to teachers and beginners alike, it does not alone provide you with the materials for teaching.

In this section we will look into the different structures of Nidra, its history, philosophy and what happens to the brain-functions and consciousness when it’s in the deep Nidra state. We will also discuss the difference between Nidra and hypnosis as well as various applications of themes, as methods to achieve different goals.

Finally, you will gain a greater understanding of these different branches of Nidra and their blissful effect on your body and mind as you participate in several intensive practice sessions, learning in conjunction how to build your own practice and integrate the Yoga Nidra experience into your everyday personal life.

In this module, we just want you to get absorbed in the Nidra practice, and will perform between 8 to 12 Nidras, depending on the evolution and requirements that arise during the weekend.


What is Yoga Nidra?

  • History
  • Philosophy
  • Theme & Sankalpa
  • Different structures

The affect on Body and Mind

  • Nidra & Body & Brain Functions
  • Nidra & Consciousness
  • Nidra ≠ Hypnosis

Apply Nidra in daily life

  • Nidra as a relaxation practice
  • Nidra as a meditative practice
  • Comfortable setting
    • Lying posture
    • Sounds
    • Time
  • How to integrate in daily life

Teaching the Practice of Expanding Awareness

In the second module we will continue with our progression through a combination of theory and practice, expanding on the concepts touched upon in the introductory section so that you will gain a broad understanding of all the facets of Yoga Nidra and the tools that you require to teach safely and with confidence.

We will study the different lineages and structures of Nidra, from the time of its origin to the various methods and techniques of today, while delving deeper into the physiology and psychology of the form in relation to the teaching practice. In turn, we will address all of the various practical elements of developing and supporting a class in an instructional environment, equipping you with the necessary skills along the way.

As the first foundation, you will learn how to provide a safe environment; what the dangers are and what to avoid. You will be taught how to prepare a positive Nidra script and how to set an intention and theme, adapted to each individual and group, and free from influential language so as to allow your students to model their own experiences and embody the truths which are their own.

This training will involve some dedication and self-study. It is not only about learning how to teach but will be a deeper journey of your own. You will be required to practice daily and record your observations, and we will get to know and open ourselves to the group – in a certain moment engaging together in a creative practice of liberation to find, plant and nurture our own seeds of self-realisation.

You will experience Nidra intensely and in different forms, with additional teachers invited to share special settings such as Nidra 2 voices, singing bowls and mantras. Ultimately, you will share your own script and run through Nidra and Art-Therapy exercises to uncover the layers that hide your Sankalpa, providing an intense journey into yourself and a blissful inner-discovery.


Relevant Philosophy & Psychology guidelines to build and guide a Nidra session

  • Base Models & Structures
  • Different Methods & Techniques
  • Levels of practice
  • Conditions for a class setting
  • Theme & Intension

Nidra & Neuroscience

  • Brain waves
  • Parasympathetic Nervous system
  • Restorative & Nidra
  • Pranayama & Nidra

Safety Guidelines

  • Therapeutic approach
  • Trance ≠ Hypnoses ≠ auto-hypnoses
  • Nidra ≠ Meditation
  • Nidra ≠ Lucid Dreams
  • Contra-indications
  • Advice on what to avoid
  • Appropriate Visualisations & Archetypes
  • Sounds & Settings

Learn how to build a session in accordance with your or your student’s needs

  • Relaxation &Tension Release
  • Concentration & Memory
  • Productivity & Creativity
  • Healing &Therapy
  • Sankalpa
  • Self-development
  • Planning a script
  • Integration in Daily life


  • You don’t need any experience to join the two day immersion

Teacher Training

  • You have completed the Immersion
  • Read the requested reading materials
  • Noted down your experiences during previous training practice sessions.

The following books are mandatory for the training.
You can follow the links below to order the books from

Your total investment for the Yin Teacher Training depends on the pricing option you select. These prices do not include VAT, nor will this be added, since TULA is a registered vocational institute at CRKBO.

Pricing options

It’s possible to join the Immersion only. If you already completed the Immersion it is also possible to join the teacher training alone.

Immersion only
early bird      : €197,-  (paid before June 1st)
regular           : €250,- (paid before September 5th)

Complete teacher training
early bird      : €897,-  (paid before June 1st)
regular           : €1.100,-   (paid before September 5th)

your 5 steps to start this teacher training

1.   Carefully read the terms & agreements
2.   Fill in the registration form online
          ⤿ You’ll receive a confirmation and invoice
3.   Complete the (deposit) payment to secure your spot
          ⤿ You’ll receive a confirmation
4.   You will receive more detailed practical information about the training
5.   Start studying the reading material

Since the capacity of TULA trainings is limited we advise to apply early.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. Our email is
We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Want to learn more about the training in person?
Please join one of the free introduction sessions » Dates to be confirmed

€100 off for early birds 

What others said about the training

Julia (2020)
I was very fascinated by the Yoga Nidra immersion weekend,I came with an open mind but was completely taken by it and by Cristina’s very clear teachings. It was an amazing and mind opening experience and would like to go more deeply into it. Thankyou you for organising this and to Cristina for sharing her wealth of knowledge and warmth.

Caroline (2020)
Ik ben ontzettend blij dat ik de training gedaan heb. Zeer inspirerend, intensief en leerzaam. Leerzaam om te voelen hoe je van hoofd naar hart kan reizen. Hoe ik daar weer vertrouwen heb gevonden. Te voelen dat dát vertrouwen er altijd is en zal zijn.
De manier van werken van Cristina doet dat aan je. Zij is een bijzonder mens. Zij legt niets op, vult niet in maar laat ervaren en spiegelt. Mooi om haar mee te maken.
Ook is de deur naar de imaginaire wereld weer geopend. Ook die wereld is er altijd; een rijkdom in ieder mens aanwezig, waar we dikwijls geen weet van of geen contact meer mee hebben.
Het schrijvenderwijs ontdekken van je inner purpose was zeer verhelderend en bloeit reeds in het dagelijks leven.


Cristina Guerra | Lead Trainer

Cristina Guerra is a professional yoga and meditation instructor currently based in Portugal. Hailing from Portugal, Cristina has for the four past years hosted classes and workshops in yoga and meditation across Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and Australia, after becoming a 500RYT with Zuna Yoga on the island of Gili Meno in Indonesia.

Cristina later returned to Indonesia to undertake an additional 300hrs. yoga teacher training program, on this occasion with a focus on the Nidra, restorative and meditation practices, and has since acted as an assistant for Yoga Nidra teacher training courses while providing support and counselling for students.

Graduating university with a Masters in Art Restoration, Cristina has been practicing yoga for more than a decade, having initially turned to the discipline as a means of balancing a heavy workload while acting as a team leader and collection manager for the National Museum of Oman. In her capacity as an arts’ conservation coordinator, Cristina has led teams in her native Portugal and abroad, performing a supportive and unifying function for diverse teams of professionals and trainees on frequently complex projects.

Since beginning her yoga journey, Cristina has developed an increasing interest in yoga’s curative aspects and potential for personal and spiritual growth, undertaking complementary training in quantum touch, reiki and arts’ psychotherapy while deepening her knowledge of the Tantric meditation, Kriya Yoga, and Yoga Nidra traditions.

Cristina has been engaged as a healing therapist for over ten years, and with her knowledge of and natural affinity with reiki and Quantum Touch is attuned to the sensitivities of her classes and individual students, using the techniques of each to promote and enhance energetic connections. This empathetic disposition is further supported by Cristina’s academic studies in psychology and arts’ psychotherapy, in particular regard to her conversance with therapeutic and behavioural approaches.

With a strong focus on agnirage breathing, Cristina believes that through the coordination of the movement and stillness of breath yoga practitioners can gain a greater awareness of their personal resistances and a path by which to overcome these limitations, and is committed to supporting her students on their own transformational yoga journeys.



To enroll in the Immersion or the full Teacher Training you can fill in the registration form online. Please do read the Terms & Conditions as well.

​When we have received your information we will send you an invoice for payment option you have chosen.

​If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. Our email is We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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