Yoga Nidra Teacher Training (40-hrs training)

The journey of relaxation to higher awareness
and exploring the senses and elements

by Moena de Jong

Unique in Amsterdam

40-hrs high quality training

100% in-person

learn to guide others

bonus: additional live recordings

This training is right for you!

Delivering yoga nidra sessions is not something you learn by joining many classes. You need a capable instructor and mentor to teach you the skills and understanding. 

If you’re already a yoga teacher and wish to integrate Yoga Nidra into your classes this training will give you all the essentials to deliver wonderful classes.

Also if you’re not a yoga teacher (yet), this training gives you the tools to create your own Yoga Nidra sessions which you can share with others, or keep for yourself. Besides being a training for teachers, it’s also an incredible course to enrich your own live.

What's in store

Yoga nidra, or yogic sleep, is a deep relaxation technique that takes the practitioner into a state of conscious ‘sleep’ where the body is completely relaxed, yet the mind remains awake and alert. You will learn how to achieve this with yourself and others.

This training goes further in this than other Yoga Nidra trainings.
During the practices and the theory you will dive into the layers of the mind where our awareness fluctuates from consciousness to subconsciousness, to deeper consciousness. Deeper consciousness is the most subtle layer where our higher awareness can be revealed. And, we’re going to tap into this.

During this 4-day training you will explore the connection between the different stages of consciousness and their relationship with the five senses. Moena will integrate her extensive knowledge of the five elements into this training for a deeper inner journey. You will move between the several layers of the mind and study the characteristics of the five elements. As the five elements relate directly to the five senses, you will understand both our happiness and suffering, and how this correlates with the Yoga Nidra practice.

Yoga Nidra Teacher Training at Tula Yogastudio's Amsterdam

Moena is amazing, I love her voice, almost hypnotising, one of the greatest and most powerful teachers I have ever attended.
(Dodona Gashi)

Limited capacity

We keep the groups small in order to offer the personal attention needed for a high-quality Nidra training, and to ensure a safe space in which every participant can go on an inner journey.

Training December ’24

Dates: 4, 5, 6, 7 December
Time: 09.30 – 17.30 uur
Location: Tula Bos en Lommer (Bos en Lommerplein 175, Amsterdam)

Investment in yourself

€850,- including course material


Your trainer

Moena de Jong

Practicing and teaching yoga is an art, connecting to the heart.

Moena teaches her classes the same way she loves to receive lessons: welcoming at all times, open to positive, transformative experiences. Aside from your unique individual experience of feeling more open and gaining a broader perspective of your possibilities, you feel the magic of a group synergy as the energy in class is uplifting.

As much as Moena has a razor blade sharp eye for Alignment she loves the fluidity of music that flows organically with the movements. As she has a passion for the Sanskrit language, she also has a lifetime love relationship with Mantra’s. She will surely share this with you with the use of her harmonium.

​Her quality is to make all unique and different individuals feel welcome and connected. Dare to be different and radiate in your weirdness is her biggest source of inspiration.


The Nidra state of deep sleep where our senses, intellect, and mind relax, is where we become free from the concepts of time, space and reason. When this happens, brain activity reduces and the body goes into a healing state. As the body enters this state of healing, we can purify toxins at a cellular level, refresh the mind and remove luggage from the subconscious.

Every day of this journey we will focus on a specific element. In our daily life we get an overload of information and incentives through our senses that cause us to feel tired, stressed, uninspired and even stagnated. Through understanding how Yoga Nidra restores our senses, the inner view gets clearer. We get to balance all the input that constantly comes in through the senses (smell, taste, sight, touch, hearing) which relate to the five elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Ether. These five elements are interdependent transformations of consciousness, matter, and energy. They occur in the outside world but also inside of us. Each perception or sensation we experience is made out of a pattern of these elements.

Bringing the outer and inner world together in balance helps us to understand our desires, habits and aversions. It brings us in the present moment, which is the expression of living beyond suffering caused by a stored past or trauma.

During the four days of this training you will learn the theory behind this phenomenom and experience many Nidra sessions yourself. The theory will be translated into scripts, which form the basis of every Nidra session. You will learn how to create these scripts, but also how to deliver them to others as the teacher. Moena will give you expert advice about how to deliver a session in an effective manner, and you’ll receive direct feedback from your fellow participants. This will bring a rapid understanding of how to teach effective Yoga Nidra sessions.

A day in the 40 hrs Yoga Nidra training with Moena

Daily we will begin with a guided meditation by exploring our senses.
As the mind than is sharpened, bright and perceptive we’ll continue with diving into the science of yoga Nidra. The discussed topics will vary daily. Expect to be enriched and surprised as Moena will, besides the knowledge of yoga Nidra, integrate her wisdom on yoga philosophy, Ayurveda and breath. Miraculously connecting all the dots.
The morning will be closed with asana and yoga Nidra practice.

The afternoon will contain an assignment and learning systematically how to create a yoga Nidra script in a well structured way.

We will close the day with another Nidra session.

Fun fact: All given Nidra sessions will be recorded and shared, so you will have a great collection for your home practice at the end of the training ✨

Moena de Jong Yoga Nidra Teacher Training
Ebook Yoga Nidra Teacher Training Moena de Jong


This training will provide you with:

   The tools to create a well structured Nidra class

✔   A deeper understanding on how to integrate specific themes in an intelligent matter in a yoga Nidra script

   You will learn from experienced yoga teacher Moena de Jong

   Science of the functioning of the brains

   Breath techniques to clean the energy body and prepare for yoga Nidra

   You will be trained in a step-by-step systematic and scientific procedure of the Yoga Nidra practice

   Besides the yoga Nidra practice experiences, you will gain knowledge about sleep, dreams, and the controlling centres of the brain

   Knowledge of the characteristics of the elements

   How the elements control our behaviour and determine our spiritual development

✔   A profound insight into the relationship between the elements, the senses and the layers of the mind

✔   Recordings of all the Nidra session given during the training

Yoga Nidra Teacher Training at Tula Yogastudio's Amsterdam

My heart feels full of gratitude for the journey we embarked on during this Yoga Nidra teacher training. Moena has unlimited wisdom to share and does this in a very lovely way making sure we can all stay focused. Really liked how some movement, meditation, touches of Tibetan buddhism and Ayurveda were also included in this training. It makes me curious to keep on learning as an everlasting student.
(Anne de Roos)

Joining a yoga training at Tula Yogastudio's

Moena en Beatrice - 300hrs. vinyasa yoga teacher training

At Tula we are dedicated to fostering excellence, community, and mentorship. Our yoga academy is designed to provide you with the highest quality trainings, ensuring that you not only deepen your own practice but also emerge as a skilled and confident yoga teacher.

In our trainings, we place a strong emphasis group work and collaboration. We believe that learning and growth are enriched through shared experiences and support from peers. Through group activities, discussions, and practice teaching sessions, you will have the opportunity to connect with fellow trainees, building a supportive network that extends beyond the training itself.

We understand the importance of having knowledgeable and experienced teachers to guide you on your journey. That’s why we carefully select our faculty, ensuring that they are not only experts in their field but also passionate about sharing their wisdom with aspiring yoga teachers like yourself. Our teachers are committed to providing personalized attention, guidance, and mentorship, helping you navigate through your training with confidence and clarity.

Join us as we embark on this transformative journey together, where you will not only learn the art and science of yoga but also cultivate lifelong friendships and a deeper understanding of yourself.

Course Curriculum

FAQ about the Yoga Nidra teacher training

Who is this training intended for?
This training is followed by yoga teachers, movement teachers, therapists, psychologists, trainers, coaches and anyone who wants to deepen Yoga Nidra.
The training is also followed by people who experience problems with stress themselves, have experience with burnout or want to support people in this.

Is there an exam?
There is no exam at the end of this training, but a final assignment.

I will miss one or more days of the training. Is it possible to make up the days in a next training?
Unfortunately it is not possible to make up missed days in a next training.

Will I receive a certificate after completing the training?
Yes, you will receive a certificate when you have completed the training. If you have a registration with Yoga Alliance, the hours count as continuing education hours (YACEP).

What is the study load of this training?
The study load for the Yoga Nidra Teacher Training is 40 hours, of which 32 are contact hours.

Is lunch included?
Lunch is not included and cannot be provided at the yogastudio. You can bring your own lunch or have lunch somewhere in the neighboorhood in one of the many nice places.

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