TULA – Year 2018 – Summed up in the 9 pictures

These were the photos with the most engagement on our Instagram in 2018

TULA yoga Amsterdam - Year 2018

Funny to see that it is a great resemblance of who we became in 2018 and what we have focussed on. Therefore I would like to take you on a journey through our 2018.

[From top left to bottom right]
The first two photos both show moments of our Vinyasa teacher trainings. Photo number one shows two of our amazing students practicing, and on the second photo you see our first ever graduation ceremony. The first group of TULA Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training graduates! We are grateful to have sent out two talented groups of new Vinyasa teacher into the world last year. Also this year we are planning on delivering quite a few more. If you have the privilege to join a class with one of these graduates I can ensure you that it will be a great experience. They won’t let you down.

On the third photo you see our Ashtanga Mysore teacher Gibran Gonzalez. It was a huge step for us to invite one of the best ashtanga teachers in The Netherlands to teach in our shala (yogastudio, as ashtangi’s call it). Nevertheless we couldn’t be happier with this addition to the schedule. Six days per week we have the Mysore program in TULA Bos en Lommer under guidance of Gibran, and it is a wonderful group of experienced and newbie yogis (yes, you can practice mysore as beginner) who are dedicated to their practice. It’s amazing to see what a yoga practice can do to a person and how quick changes can come to those who practice.

The fourth photo shows TULA founder Viki in a beautiful headstand. It couldn’t be more appropriate, because running two studios together with a hectic family live can be challenging at times, and that was pretty much our theme for 2018. Turning your gaze upside down does help to clear your head and to find stillness. ‘Worrying when you’re in a headstand is never a good idea!’

The photo in the middle is perfectly arranged (we had no influence in this), because this is the studio we opened last year, and therefore the most impactful thing we did in a few years – TULA Bos en Lommer. We are enormously proud of what the studio has become and the bright daylight bursting through the windows still gives us goose bumps every day. It’s crazy to remember that TULA Bos en Lommer is just over a year old, while it feels like it’s been there for ages already.

Photo six is how we like to see our studios the best. People sitting around the tea table, chatting about yoga and everything else in life. It’s wonderful to see what kind of connection can emerge between pretty much strangers who come to TULA to practice. They share one interest, which is yoga, but often lead totally different lives. Nevertheless they pick up a conversation and start to get to know each other. They might meet each other again in another class and enjoy a cup of tea together for the second time. These moments can become a habit or even a friendship. We’ve seen this happening and believe a simple cup of tea can have a major impact on a person. Yogis create friendships with other yogis, often people they might never meet in daily. Our conclusion is that yoga (and tea) brings people together, without any form of prejudices. We are thankful to be able to facilitate this.

TULA yoga Amsterdam - Year 2018On the left bottom photo you see the tea table in TULA Westerpark. Our cosy studio in the ‘Spaarndammerbuurt’. Four years ago this was where it al started,  and still we cherish this location big time. We have had a lot of interesting, emotional and beautiful moments around this table. Therefore, if this table could write it would write complete bookshelves full of inspiring stories. Which in itself would be a great addition to the small TULA library in the studio 😉

Luckily a photo of one of our plants has been included in this top nine frame as well. Plants are important to us since they give oxygen to a room, but it also calms the mind while creating a lively environment. In TULA Westerpark we have a nice collection of plants and we are blessed with the help of Jolanda, our plant-lady. She takes care of all these beauties and is not afraid to add a few from her own collection -xx-

The last photo is the one we laughed about the most. It should have never made the selection of photos we kept after a photo shoot. It is me, trying to do a downward facing dog. But, with super tight hamstrings (due to previous sport endeavours) it looks a bit weird, to say the least. However, it also shows that you don’t have to be extremely flexible to practice yoga and that TULA is a studio for everyone. As Sri K Pattabhi Joïs, creator of Ashtanga yoga, once said: “practice, practice, and all is coming’. It took me a while, but I’m starting to understand this phrase now. In yoga, just as in life, there are no shortcuts. So, if you want to accomplish something; the only thing you have to do is show up and practice. Not a lot of things come easy, but if you keep doing your best it will come eventually. You can say the same for TULA. It is not always easy, and it is a lot of work. But, if we keep doing what we do, and enjoy it while we’re doing it (as we do now), it will all result in something incredible. Nonetheless, we are already proud of TULA as it is now. And maybe, maybe I will be able to get my legs straight and heels on the floor in the future… practice, practice.

Looking back at these nine photos we see an astonishing year. An intense year, but most of all a beautiful year. Looking forward to 2019 we expect nine new memorable photos that have captured another great and inspiring year.

We can hardly wait!

Thanks to all the great teachers, lovely hosts and off course all the students who we now call TULA Yogis.
Special thanks to Ana V. Martins who writes most of the inspiring instagram posts for us.

~ Ruben

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