New to Yoga? 5 Tips for Getting Started with Yoga

Written by Irene Lomer

If you or someone you know are new to yoga it can feel intimidating to know how to get started with yoga. Like with starting anything new it’s helpful to be guided at the start of your yoga journey to get the most out of your practice.

In this blog we’ll be exploring 5 tips below on how to get started with yoga.

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Check out the video with one of our teachers from the beginners yoga program, Irene Lomer.

Beginnen met Yoga bij Tula Yogastudios

Tip 1: Remember Why You’re Starting Yoga

As you get started with practicing yoga it can be helpful to keep in mind why you’ve decided to start yoga. Is it perhaps to add more physical movement into your life?
To get stronger or more flexible? Or help recovering after an injury or illness. It might be that you are looking for tools to help manage stress and an overly busy mind.

Starting something new and making time to do it regularly isn’t easy. And so to keep up a new activity like yoga it will be helpful to remember why you’re doing it. That way, on the days where you’re busy or tired, you will still find the motivation to practice.

You’ll then find, as you start to make more time to doing yoga, that you’ll start to make progress towards your goals and feel even more inspired to keep making time for yoga.

Tip 2: Find a Class and Teacher You Enjoy

Finding a class and teacher you enjoy is one of the most important things to help you stay enthusiastic and motivated in your yoga practice. It also helps a great deal when you know the teacher, the way of teaching and the style of yoga. Once you’ve found a nice teacher and join his/her classes regularly you will become more confident quicker then when you change classes all the time and need to adjust to different teaching styles.

There are so many yoga styles and teachers that it can feel overwhelming to know what to pick. First think back why you’ve chosen to start yoga and decide if that reason might fit better with a more active or relaxing class.

Slow flow, which is more active and yin, which is more relaxing are both great to try as a beginner yogi. Both of these styles are suitable for all levels (including beginners) and have slower transitions between the yoga postures than some other classes. This slower pace will give you more time to get familiar with the yoga postures.

At Tula, our teachers will always provide different options for some of the more challenging postures and personal guidance on how you’re doing the postures.

Check out our class schedule at Tula Bos en Lommer and Westerpark to find your first yoga class to try out!

Yin Yoga intensive

Tip 3: Know What to Prepare Before Class

Knowing that you’ve thought about doing the right things before joining your first yoga class will help you feel more confident and ready for starting yoga.

Try to avoid eating a big meal 1-2 hours before class. Instead you could have a snack just before class and then eat a bigger meal afterwards. This will allow you to move your body through the yoga postures without feeling overly full.

At Tula we provide yoga mats and props (things like blankets and cushions) as well as tea and water. So no need to bring anything extra with you to the studio. Our hosts will welcome you to the studio and show you around during your first visit.

When you join the class you’ll want to wear comfortable clothes—like sports clothing—that allow you to move freely. We ask you to leave your shoes at the door and walk around the studio in socks. Once on your yoga mat we recommend bare feet to allow you to grip the mat and not slip, but grip socks also work well.

Tip 4: Practice Makes Perfect

Like when you learn any new skill or activity, it’s very normal that it can feel difficult and confusing the first time you try yoga.

Therefore, see if you can try at least 5-10 yoga classes before you decide if you want to stick with yoga on a regular basis.

You’ll find every time you practice that you start to learn more about how to move your body in the different yoga postures, how to breathe and find relaxation in your body. Many yoga postures come back often in yoga classes, so after a while you’ll get to know them for sure.

So if you do look around during class and wonder why is everyone able to do a specific posture? Pause, take a breath and remember that your body is unique. And by practicing regularly you’ll start to understand better what feels best for your body.

Tip 5: Receive Personal Guidance

Since your body, experiences and motivations are unique it can be very supportive if you are able to receive personal one-on-one guidance during your yoga practice.

If you join a yoga class at Tula, we keep the class size small so that there is the possibility for the teacher to see and support everyone in class.

However, there’s nothing quite like receiving one-on-one personal guidance. And to have the opportunity to ask lots of questions!

In our beginners yoga programs at Tula you’ll be paired with one of our experienced teachers to guide you through the start of your yoga journey.

About the Beginners program

You’ll have the opportunity to work one-on-one with your teacher and be guided on how to get started with yoga based on your personal situation. You’ll also receive private yoga classes that focus on specific yoga sequences based on your needs and interests. As well as suggestions on how to approach specific yoga postures and breathing techniques.

The beginners yoga program also includes a beginners workshop. Here you’ll get the chance to be with other new yoga practitioners and be guided through a series of the most common yoga postures, breathing and relaxation techniques found in different yoga styles.

And alongside all of this personal guidance you’ll be invited to try out different yoga classes through an unlimited Tula membership for the entire period of the beginners program.

Want to learn more? Check out our Tula beginners yoga program.

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