Summer Intensive Vinyasa Teacher Training

Summer Intensive Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

with Marlene Henny & Fleur van Zonneveld

An integral approach united with the essence of Vinyasa Flow Yoga

This empowering Teacher Training program will give you a creative grounding in teaching and living vinyasa yoga. With a solid foundation of practical and experiential knowledge you will be able to teach vinyasa yoga in a dynamic way. This strong foundation includes alignment, yoga anatomy, basic adjustments and modifications, the Vinyasa Flow principles and how to teach this style of yoga.

Participants will gain the skills to confidently teach others in a harmonious way that will transmit the essence of yoga in a soulful, creative, humorous, down to earth way.

In this teacher training we will explore sequencing templates. And you will deepen, refine and integrate the skills to teach safe and enriched vinyasa flow yoga classes. We will cover the history of vinyasa yoga, yoga philosophy and scripture, alignment and anatomy for vinyasa yoga and we practice teaching in class and in personal study groups.

This training is an in-depth study that requires commitment and an honest desire to realize your most courageous, compassionate, loving, and wise self.

We carefully designed this training to inspire you for not only teaching yoga but also to step up your yoga practice to the next level, gaining new insights in the practice of yoga and how to apply this in teaching vinyasa yoga.

“If you are looking into deepening your yoga practice and get a thorough understanding of the beauty of Vinyasa Flow Yoga, the summer intensive is a great way to immerse yourself within a span of a 3-month period.”

This training will allow you to live and breathe yoga for 2 separate intensive weeks in the summer at start, which is a super unique, enriching and transformational experience for your body and mind on its own.

This Teacher Training is led by Marlene Henny and Fleur van Zonneveld. They are honoured and excited to guide you through this process. In addition we will have a guest teacher with their own expertise that will teach a themed workshop over the course of the training. The combination of special attention to the practice of vinyasa Flow yoga and skillful teaching methods will make you fully equipped and qualified to teach Vinyasa Flow Yoga.

Teaching Methodology

We will study the art of teaching in its many facets and explore what makes a good yoga teacher, how to skillfully use language, how to cue effective alignment of the poses. Within the training, you will have the opportunity numerous times to explore these concepts in reality so you will feel more secure and confident as you awaken the teacher within.

What others say about this training

Sabrina ~ “It has been a great experience taking part in the Summer Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training. The great thing about the intensive is that you get to fully immerse yourself with yoga during two weeks of training. It will give you the basic tools to start your journey in learning more about yourself and yoga.”

Linda ~“The TT was an amazing journey for me. I have learnt a lot, not only about the art of teaching yoga, but also to enjoy my yoga practice much more than ever. The group was just perfect, we were so different from each other, each of us with different motivations and intentions, and this created a synergy that makes me smile just thinking about it. A big THANK and an even bigger hug to our unforgettable teachers, Marlene and Fleur, who made the magic possible.With love!”

Tjalline ~ “This teacher training brought me in contact with my true self. Sometimes that was a bit confronting but under the sweet and clear quidance of Fleur and Marlene it felt really safe. This training also really inspired me. Both Fleur and Marlene are such creative teachers. The philosphy classes by Fleur were one of my favorite moments!I Will always hold a special place in my heart for those two.”

Eva ~ “De vinyasa yoga teacher training die ik gevolgd heb bij Marlene en Fleur, heb ik ervaren als een life changing experience die ik NOOIT had willen missen! Marlene en Fleur zijn twee warme, prachtige, wijze en inspirerende yogi’s die te alle tijden voor je klaar staan en je op zo’n liefdevolle wijze empoweren om de yoga docent te worden die je kan zijn. Alle vragen die ik ooit had over een asana, anatomie en de filosofie aangaade yoga, zijn beantwoord. Ik heb zo ontzettend veel geleerd over yoga…én niet te vergeten over mijzelf. Ik kan dan ook niets anders dan deze teacher training zeer aanbevelen. Wil je een ervaring om nooit te vergeten? Groeien en bloeien tot de max? Ik zou zeggen: stort je erin én zoals Marlene en Fleur altijd zeiden: ‘Trust the process.”

What you will gain from this training!

You will have a solid foundation of practical and experiential knowledge to teach with confidence, and the ability and tools to empower others.
This training will not only encourage you to dive deeper into your own practice but it will be full of hands-on and applicable material for you to go ahead and start sharing yoga in your own way. We offer you great skills to become a confident and empowering teacher and a source of inspiration.

We will dive into yoga philosophy in a very inquiring way. Constantly linking the ancient knowledge to the age we are living in right now. In the philosophy workshops, we investigate how to integrate these teachings into your own daily life, in your own way. In the teacher training as a whole we will find out how the physical and the philosophical reinforce each other constantly and are truly one.


After graduating from this Teacher training you are eligible for a Yoga Alliance RYT-200 (Registered Yoga Teacher who has finished a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School (RYS).


You should have a consistent, dedicated yoga practice and a strong desire to learn and explore the modern teachings of yoga. Expect to work hard, to explore your possibilities as a teacher, and come away with a deep awareness of who you are.

200 hrs Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training offers:

  • Vinyasa Flow (Core Vinyasa, beginners and intermediate Vinyasa
  • The essence of Flow
  • Alignment and modification of postures
  • Practice Vinyasa signature yoga poses and how to practice within flow, sun salutations with modern variations.
  • Transitions: how to transition from one pose to the next and how to teach this
  • Vinyasa Kramas (step by step) progression towards peak poses
  • The foundations of assisting and adjustments
  • Benefits and cautions of Yoga Postures
  • Learning to teach yoga classes for beginners as well for intermediate students
  • Yoga Philosophy and an introduction to the Chakras and the energetic body
  • Restorative poses for deep relaxation
  • Observation and feedback on your personal practice and teaching

Create a Class

  • Planning and structure
  • Class management
  • Teaching flow with themes
  • How to position yourself in class
  • How to bring students into the space of yoga

History & Philosophy

You will learn and understand the historical and philosophical context of the practice both for yourself and for your teaching. During the teacher training, you’ll learn about yoga’s Indian origins and how it applies to our modern practices and lives and we will explore the myth’s behind the asana. There will be an introduction to the energetic body in which we will travel through the chakra’s and Kosha’s.

Applied Anatomy & Physiology

Even simple yoga poses demand complex and dynamic actions in our bodies, in this module you will learn their names, functions, and potential challenges from an applied anatomy perspective. You will follow an Online Anatomy course by David Keil.

The business of Teaching Yoga

We will talk about the growing industry of yoga profession and how to make yourself stand out as a yoga teacher. We will talk about ways to find work as a teacher and how to effectively market yourself and how to start up your yoga career.

Required Reading

The leading teacher training manual is provided by us and is included in the price of the course. In addition to the manual, the following books are required:
• Yoga, the Spirit and Practice of moving into Stillness | Erich Schiffmann
• Yoga Mind, Body and Spirit | Donna Farhi
• The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali | Swami Satchidananda
• Functional Anatomy of Yoga: A Guide for Practitioners and Teachers | David Keil
• The Heart of Yoga | T.K.V. Desikachar

All books can be ordered online. Click on the book title and you will be redirected to an online bookstore.

During the time frame of the whole training, expect some homework to do and classes you need to attend outside the teaching training days.


 Marlene Henny

I am a passionate, certified, experienced senior Vinyasa Yoga Teacher who loves to share the beauty of yoga and to create a platform to help people truly experience their BEST LIFE!

Coming from a bohemian up-bringing, I found myself after a more wild lifestyle, falling in love with the beauty of dance. After some years of being a dancer, yoga came on my path and soon I discoverd, Vinyasa Yoga. Yoga has taught me to accept myself with all my flaws. Yoga has taught me to be strong and gentle and to deal with life and that it is okay to be nicely flavored but most of all to be an authentic person with lots of love and sharing the gifts. Throughout my yoga journey, teachers like Shiva Rea, Janet Stone and Julie Martin have inspired me. When finding my own style of teaching yoga, I loved to bring movement into the postures. I am not a dogmatic, traditional teacher, but will always look for a personal expression, look for what is needed now. For me, yoga is not about holding on to tradition but allowing it to change and move into new forms.

Marlene has become a renowned name in the Yoga world in the Netherlands and is a senior and experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT500) who teaches classes, workshops, training modules for teacher trainings, ” The Art of Sequencing Module” and “The Core Flow Module” and is a leading teacher in several level 1 and level 2 teacher trainings in the Netherlands.

 Fleur van Zonneveld

Being a dancer, the body always has been fascinating to me. So much I have learned about that body during my time in dance academy and after, being a dancer. And then I found out about yoga…It felt so familiar, but yet so different. The more yoga I experienced the more I discovered that behind that body, there is much more to be found. Yoga is a way to go on an adventure within yourself! So that’s what I did. And still do every day. After my first Ashtanga based Teacher Training I learned how big yoga was, and how much more there was to be discovered and experienced and learned. So after doing many workshops and immersions with Ana Forrest, Clive Sheridan, Katchie Ananda and more I went to India and did another training. A 400h Vinyasa Flow. I dove into yoga philosophy inspired tremendously by the classes of Emile Wendell. More workshops, trainings and advanced studies followed (also in the field of yoga therapy and yoga nidra) And all the time I kept coming back at my yoga home; svaha yoga. Here my yoga roots were planted a long time ago, by Gösta.

Teaching yoga, or rather sharing the never-ending study of yoga, is my passion. After more then 10 years of teaching, it still makes my heart jump every day.

What made me want to be a dancer was to get people out of their daily lives and bring them to a place where dreams still exist and limitations don’t. My goal in teaching yoga lies not so far from that.

For me yoga is a way to investigate, to bring you back towards yourself. So in every yoga class I create a space where you can go on a little journey, an adventure with and within yourself and finding out more about yourself. From there we create a bridge towards everyday life, so life can be experienced in a more conscious way. While discovering also the power of non-doing practices such as restorative yoga and yoga Nidra, My Vinyasa classes move and flow, just as the breath does, just as life does!

Dates and Prices


The total costs of the Vinyasa Summer Intensive Teacher Training are depending on the pricing option you select. No VAT will be added to this pricing.

Early bird:       €2.100 (paid before april 1st)
Regular:           €2.200
In terms:          €2.300 (4 payment terms from July – September)

During the length of your Teacher Training we offer you a 20% discount on a 5, 10 or 20 TULA classes card.
*These prices do not contain VAT, nor will it be added, since TULA is a registered school at CRKBO (vocational institute).


  • 13 July till 18 July       >  first intense week
  • 20 July till 25 July      >  second intense week
  • 7, 8, 9 & 10 Aug.
  • 21, 22, 23 & 24 Aug.
  • 28 Aug. (18.30-21.30hrs.)
  • 29 & 30 Aug.
  • 18 Sept. (18.30-21.30hrs.)
  • 19 & 20 Sept.             > Exam weekend

Daily Schedule

  • 09.30-11.30 | Vinyasa Flow Practice
  • 11.15-13.00 | Asana lab/yoga asana practicum
  • 13.00-14.00 | Lunch (not included)
  • 14.00-15.30 | Lecture (theme based)
  • 15.30-17.30 | Teaching practicum


To enroll in the Vinyasa Summer Intensive Teacher Training you can fill in the registration form online or click the link below. Please do read the Terms & Conditions first.

​When we have received your information we will send you an invoice for the payment option you have chosen.

​If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. Our email is We are looking forward to answer your questions!

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