Embodied Learning Course

Embodied Learning training


with Leo Peppas and Chrysi Thanella

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We are excited to announce another great training at TULA
International renowned teachers Leo Peppas and Chrysi Thanella will bring their Embodied Learning course to TULA Ede this year.

In this training you will explore how the depth and meaning of practicing asanas, or any action, is revealed through your presence, in relationship with your inside and outside landscapes. This process evokes a basic differentiating capacity, or sense of ‘knowing’, reflected in Homeokinesis – the way we move in harmony and deal with dis-harmony.

The training is suitable for practitioners of all levels wishing to deepen their understanding of how practice and life, body and mind, interrelate and manifest a unifying purpose. The program will be taught in English!


Core to the program is the element of support; through your own embodied process, the group and other aspects.

✔     Leo and Chrysi will provide mentoring support and individual guidance throughout the program
✔     A closed Facebook group; with extensive information and other resources, session recordings and detailed notes etc as well as group communication
✔     Practice groups: Participants are requires to organise and/or take part in at least one shared practice between each session. We will also provide support and explorations for this if needed
✔     To further engage in the process of digesting these themes, self practice and personal journaling are highly recommended

None of these support elements are compulsory, though recommended. They serve as a framework to integrate the process into your life and manifest its essence in your own way.

Leo Peppas and Chrysi Thanella in TULA Ede

Your teachers

Over more than 30 years as a yoga teacher, Leo Peppas has also trained in movement therapy and bodywork (Body Mind Centering) and is a Psychosynthesis therapist. He had a yoga studio in Amsterdam for 12 years and prior to that in London and Munich and has offered mentoring programs and workshops for more than a decade across Europe. He has over the years synthesized an understanding of body awareness, movement principles and psychology into his teaching and developed a comprehensive approach of his own. The heart of this unique approach is expressed in the way everything we experience on the mat is directly connected with life.

Lifelong seeker and lover of the mystery of being, Chrysi Thanella explores the paths connecting the subtle with the physical. Trained as a bodyworker (Thai Massage, Craniosacral Biodynamics) and yoga teacher internationally, for the last 15 years she continues to evolve and share her work in a deeply heartful way. She encourages listening to the wisdom of presence that may guide a process of transformation and holds a safe space where the healing power of trust can flourish.She has worked closely with Angela Farmer and Viktor van Kooten for five years, assisting their retreats and offering bodywork, and for the last two years co-teaches with Leo in various countries.

Together they are developing a body of work, balancing playfulness with a systematic and profound process of (un)learning. They facilitate a transformative experiential journey of return to the essence of being and relating, with respect to the individual ways and rhythm of unfolding. This process of reconnection can foster a deep and consequent caring and the appreciation for the abundant ways life can be expressed and experienced. In this way, we may embrace the fruitful imperfection of life as it is, allowing our intuitive wisdom to emerge.

They co-teach workshops and Embodied Learning programs around the world and the first two books they are writing about their work are planned for publication this year.

Elements of the program

Weekend 1

Ground & Space: Taking Root to Fly

Through the perception of weight and orientation in the landscape, we can find the sense of relating to two directions, even experience the symbolic earth and sky within each muscle. We will examine how this embodied relationship to Ground and Space creates our ‘core’; the support for both presence and authentic action. Our core reflects the clarity of the way we meet the world, inside and out, moment by moment. It provides the support for meeting the adventures and challenges of life, helping us engage in a deeply consequent and grounded path in a light and spacious way.

Weekend 2

Body Image & Body Schema: The flow of dynamic interaction with the world

These are two basic systems of coordination we use to move in the world. Experiencing how they relate provides us with deep insights and clarifies the way we see the world around us, enhancing our capacity to differentiate between: ‘doing or happening’, ‘effort or ease’. It’s not so much a question of either or, but how they work together. With the understanding of how we listen to our inner intelligence or obscure it, we can attend to coordination, postural or alignment issues, seeing more clearly too where people need support in making informed choices about the way they move in life.

Weekend 3

Satisfaction Cycle: Fluency in the first language of movement

The basic actions that underlie all movement are yield, push, reach and pull; together they form the ‘satisfaction cycle’. They reflect the way we move and act, how we are impressed and express ourselves in an interactive relationship. By seeing Asana or any embodied practice in the context of this early movement vocabulary, we become more aware of how our practice relates to life. Embodiment informs our gaze, so when we experience the full cycle, we can feel for ourselves and see more clearly in others, where support or empowerment is needed to find more fulfilment.

Weekend 4

Embodied Presence: Listening to your inner guidance

Emerging into our full presence is a delicate dance with our growing edge. It is where we can nurture the connection with our inner intelligence and subtle listening. Rather than a means to master our will, Asana or any action can serve to reconnect us with our purpose and source of inspiration. If we develop enough sustainable presence and learn to become aware of when we lose it, instead of draining our deeper resources, the challenge can spark our inner fire and teach us how to receive life. Navigating this edge can allow the space to tap into our creativity and for love to move through us. This is the foundation of a nourishing and heartful practice.

“Chrysi moves gently through the inner realms of emotion and subtle unwinding.
She senses your internal pain and fears and supports you. Allow her to guide you beneath words and physical contact to a place where you remember melting back into warmth and sweet silence.”
-Angela Farmer, Worldwide inspiration for those who love and dive deep.

The Approach

○     Is your practice nourishing and relevant to your life on a daily basis?
○     How do you commit to the consequent process that arises from it?
○     Does your practice inspire and support you to step into the power of your authenticity?

This Embodied Learning program is shaped around questions like these, that we perceive as core to discovering our path. It has developed from many years of working with teachers and practitioners of all levels; enabling them to evolve their skills and develop a deeper understanding. The program provides a rich resource of experience and learning; synthesizing elements of embodied practices, psychology, philosophy and neuroscience – all in the spirit of aligning with an unfolding purpose.

Throughout the journey you will discover how to hold a space, for yourself or others, that supports a process of unlearning limiting patterns. You will learn to cultivate the sustainability of an embodied presence that may guide you to the source of your inherent wisdom, becoming less dependent on information and the need for external guidance.

As you unfold more and more of who you are, trust grows, together with the skills to guide others to their own empowerment. As we inspire and motivate each other, we connect to deeper purpose and our community begins to thrive.

Leo Peppas and Chrysi Thanella in TULA Ede
Leo Peppas and Chrysi Thanella in TULA Ede
Leo Peppas and Chrysi Thanella in TULA Ede

Who is this program for?

The principles of the program will be explored through yoga, posture, movement and bodywork as concrete examples of processing a variety of embodied states. Therefore an existing regular practice is required to integrate and further sustain the benefits.

It is particularly relevant to anyone working in the helping and teaching professions. The program is designed to nurture your capacity to share what’s of most value with your students or clients, to see and address their needs on the most relevant and profound level. Through the practical application of the principles, you will learn how to creatively develop your own tools – to harness and evolve your existing skills.

“Leo offers a depth and breadth of experience rare in Yoga teachers today.
His commitment to honouring the spirit of Yoga while integrating contemporary knowledge in the field of Somatics makes for potent instruction. Yoga students interested in engaging in authentic practice and study have a precious opportunity in this gifted teacher.”

-Donna Farhi, author of “Yoga Mind, Body & Spirit” and “Bringing Yoga to Life.”


To qualify for certification all the above elements of the program need to be fulfilled, including two personal Skype/in-person tutorials, one at the middle and one at the end of the program (with a total additional charge of €150).

Prices & Dates

Price: € 1.100,- 

Early bird : € 990,-

3 Terms : € 1.200,-
⤿ pay in three instalments

Participate in the first weekend as an introduction

Early bird : € 250,-

Regular : € 280,-

If you wish to continue: additional € 1.000 pre-payment

*These prices do not contain VAT, nor will it be added, since TULA is a registered school at CRKBO (vocational institute).

Start to be confirmed

weekend 1 – t.b.c.
weekend 2 – t.b.c.
weekend 3 – t.b.c.
weekend 4 – t.b.c.

Daily schedule
Saturday :   11:00-19:00
Sunday :      11:00-19:00

Lunch break around 13:00-14:00hrs.
(lunch is not included)

Stay updated

Leave your email address (ede@tulayogastudios.nl) and we’ll keep you posted about upcoming dates.


To enroll in the Embodied Learning course you can send us an email and we will keep you updated about the training.
Our email is ede@tulayogastudios.nl. ​If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to answer your questions!

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